Ayurveda Properties and Therapeutics Importance of Kumarkalyan Rasa: A Review

  • Vd Sangeeta Vidhale


Ayurveda system of health restoration comprises many streams for the management of different diseases. Ayurveda encompasses several therapeutic options for different age groups and in this regards Ayurveda suggested many approaches for pediatric care (management of Balaroga). Balyavastha or childhood is stage of life which needs special care due to the lack of strength and immunity. Ahara, Vihara and Aushadhi are some Ayurveda measures which help to maintain strength in Balyavastha. There are many drugs (Aushadhis) mentioned in Ayurveda classics which provides therapeutic response in health issues of childhood age. Kumarkalyana Rasa is one such Ayurveda drug used as pediatric medicine. This drug used for breathing problems, fever, cough, jaundice, digestive problems, diarrhea and others problems in children. Present article emphasizes Ayurveda perspective of Kumarkalyana Rasa and its therapeutic significance in Balaroga.

Keywords: Ayurveda, Balaroga, Kumarkalyana Rasa, Pediatric


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