Cyclodextrins as a Drug Delivery Carrier for Anti-Cancer Drugs

  • Harsh Trivedi
  • Shreya Chauhan
  • Shreyash Patel


Cyclodextrin “molecules are large with a number of hydrogen donors. Cyclodextrins are widely used as "molecular cages" in the pharmaceutical, agrochemical, food and cosmetic industries. In the pharmaceutical industry they are used as complexing agents to increase the aqueous solubility of poorly soluble drugs and to increase their bioavailability and stability. Chemotherapeutic treatment for cancer has limitations such as poor drug solubility, non-specificity, poor bioavailability and poor survival rate. The lack of efficient treatment has created the need to develop and implement novel technology based on combination strategy of cyclodextrin complexation and nanotechnology with a view to make the therapy more useful and acceptable. The review deals with cyclodextrin and its applications in anti-cancer drug delivery for cancer treatment.

Keywords: Cyclodextrin, poor water solubility, drug delivery, cancer therapy, cyclodextrin, liposome


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