Role of Swasthvaritha in Preventing Adverse Effect of Modern Life Style: A Review

  • Vipul C Patil
Keywords: Ayurveda, Swasthvaritha, Dincharya, Ethical Regimen


Ayurveda the proud of Indian medical system explored many concepts related to the disease occurrence and their management, Swasthvaritha is one of such concept of Ayurveda which suggest regimen of healthy living. The modern pattern of living style affects health status of peoples due to the stressful working routine. The physical and mental burden of current scenario not only causing health issues but moral values also affected greatly. Therefore it is require to adopt some ethical conduct for maintain physical & mental health along with spiritual well-being. Swasthvaritha recommends daily and dietary rules along with ethical regimen to boost overall health and internal strength. Considering this fact advantage of Swasthvaritha summarizes in present article for managing adverse effect of modern life style.


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